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Variety of Programs

Go Team is jam packed with possibility! Check out our most popular Go Team programs.

Geolocated Team Building

Explore your chosen destination with a customised outdoor experience.
Treasure Hunts · City Tours · Discovery Rally · CSR & Charity

Remote Team Building

Programs specifically designed to engage teams & enhance remote working skills while having fun.
Race Around the World · Go Wellbeing · Escape the Mob · Virtual Explore

Indoor Engagement Activities

Customised programs for learning, engagement and networking with a variety of applications.
Quiz & Trivia · Meeting Engagement · Product Promo · Onboarding

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What is Go Team?

Go Team is an award-winning team building technology brought to you by the originators of team building, Catalyst Global.

Catalyst Global

At Catalyst, we believe that team building, can change the lives of individuals, teams and organisations. Go Team is the ultimate multi-media tool to deliver fun, shared experiences with valuable and lasting outcomes.

Experience and Professionalism

Catalyst Global has been designing and delivering corporate team activities and events for over 30 years. Catalyst Network partners are the best in the business and their facilitators are highly trained, ensuring Go Team events are run with the same standard of excellence anywhere in the world.

We are Local. We are Global

With locally based partners in over 90 countries covering 26 languages, we pride ourselves in providing an unrivalled local service. Your local provider will work with you to create an event specifically for your team to meet your desired outcomes with an exceptional end to end event experience. And, the strength of our network enables us to run Go Team activities in multiple locations and multiple languages simultaneously should you require.

Something for Every Situation

Go Team has a range of outdoor, indoor and online activities. Choose from a range of applications including Treasure Hunts, Escape Games, Themed Events, Trivia Quizzes, Interactive Meetings and Online Programs especially for remote workers.

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Applications of Go Team

Team Building

Go Team is the perfect team building tool. Whether your team is working together or remotely, our activities are proven to improve communication skills, collaboration, co-creation, team dynamics and collective decision making.

Employee Engagement

It can be a challenge to engage your audience and get your message across. Go Team ensures a fun and interactive adventure, and a very memorable experience.

Product Launches

Step outside the box and create a product launch with real impact.

Marketing & promotions

Engage customers, clients and a much wider audience with a Go Team experience.


Forget about guided tours and paper maps! Use a bespoke Go Team package to familiarise visitors with your venue or location.

Gather Feedback

Use multiple choice or ‘free text’ questions to gather feedback relevant to your company, conference or chosen outcome. Results can be presented anonymously to encourage openness and honesty.

Training & Onboarding

Whether it’s virtual tours of an office or factory floor, or a classroom experience, or even learning on the commute to work Go Team makes training engaging and effective.

Go Team is packed with features to ensure you get the most out of your experience...

Go Team has too many features to list! Here are just a few. Ask us if you are interested in something specific.

On screen mapping icon

Onscreen Mapping

Google Maps and Satellite view are integrated into the Go Team app, so teams can see their position and the locations of the checkpoints around them. There is also an option to see where other teams are at any time.

Online and offline icon

Trail Controller

Watches the whole trail live and tracks the progress of all teams (especially those that stop for a suspiciously long time outside bars!) Teams interact with the trail controller throughout the activity.

Mystery locations icon

Mystery Locations

Locations can be made secret, so instead of a map teams only have a direction arrow and range finder to discover their next checkpoint. Particularly effective for amazing race style events.

GPS arrow system icon

GPS Arrow System

Our follow arrow system shows teams the direction of the next challenge, leaving them to decide on the best route to get round the obstacles between them and their destination.

QR code support icon

QR Code Support

Scan QR codes to start the trail, reveal bonus checkpoints along the route or work in areas of poor reception. QR codes are secured so they are only accessible to people who are ‘in game’.

Popup info bars icon

Popup Info Bars

Gain knowledge and allow teams to make informed, strategic decisions about the checkpoints. Triggering the pop up information bars gives clues as to the types of challenge and the potential rewards.

Photo challenges icon

Photo Challenges

Take photos within the Go Team app to demonstrate creativity, capture iconic landmarks, solve puzzles and record the actions of the teams. Photos are scored in real time by the trail controller.

Company messages icon

Company Messages

Reinforce company messages and assess retention of conference content. These can be integrated as checkpoints, questions or photographic challenges to ensure your key messages are absorbed.

Bespoke messages icon

Bespoke Messages

Live chat allows messages between the trail controller and teams to provide updates, motivation and information. Can also be used to add an extra level of challenge by changing game parameters.

Realtime scoring icon

Realtime Scoring

The trail controller tracks team scores in real time, allowing prizes to be awarded immediately upon completion. Teams can also optionally view the leader board during the trail.

Virtual maps icon

Virtual Maps

We can create custom maps of a resort or town, incorporating any branding or images you desire. These transform even the most featureless arena into a virtual playground!

Games master icon

Online and Offline

If a team moves through an area with a poor data connection, they can continue as normal. Updates are sent to the trail controller as soon as the connection is restored, or when teams complete the trail.

Timed connections icon

Timed Connections

Inject some pace into the trail by placing timers on the connections between some checkpoints. If the teams don’t arrive in time they miss out on the checkpoint and the potential rewards.

Timed activities icon

Timed Activities

Add urgency and excitement to the challenges by putting timers on the checkpoints. Nothing focuses the mind more than seeing a timer tick down at the side of the screen.

Staffed checkpoints icon

Staffed Checkpoints

Teams rendezvous with a game marshal who gives them a creative challenge. The marshal oversees and scores the challenge before teams move on.

Android and IOS icon

Android and iOS Support

Runs on most Android and IOS devices, and has been certified through Google Play and the Apple Store.


Onscreen icons provide instant recognition of task type and create an opportunity to add your branding to the map.

Audio Challenges

Embedded audio files provide another type of challenge such as recognising a famous speech, voice or piece of music.


Watch and record video. Use video clips as clues or record the MD giving instructions. Then take video clips of teams performing the challenges set for them, how seriously they take these is up to them!

Virtual Tokens

Award virtual tokens to unlock checkpoints, networks and activities. Different combinations of tokens require teams to plan carefully before unlocking the advanced checkpoints.

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