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Go Engage – Engagement & Onboarding

Nobody starts a new job wanting to be mediocre. Most new hires walk through your door on their first day with high hopes and great intentions. An effective onboarding process is vital if you want this energy and commitment to endure. Go Engage is a customisable tool built on a powerful platform that will take the stress out of bringing new employees up to speed in double quick time.

Go Engage utilises gamification to immerse the newbies in your business, its history, culture, values, products and services and SOP’s in a fun interactive and compelling way. It doesn’t just impart information, it connects them to the people and resources that they need to be a happy, contributing team member. Go Engage can be tailored for your specific requirements. We know that one size does not fit all and we can create specific modules customised for job function, geographical location, language and any other variable as well as the general ones that apply to all employees. It’s a breeze to pull these together in the right combination to create the exact tool that you need at any given time. Go Engage can be used in workshop or training format or your new hires can load it on to their smartphone and work at their own pace with an option to introduce fresh content at regular intervals and review inputs (text, photo and video) and feedback can be sent right to the device.

Results Driven

Updates, feedback and scores are real-time as delegates progress through at each stage. You get an accurate picture of how well your new hire has understood and remembered the information that they have been exposed to and can take appropriate remedial action instantly. Often the simple and effective solution is to repeat the module.

Ongoing benefits

The benefits of Go Engage don’t have to stop once the induction process is over. Go Engage can be used to create inspiration and real engagement experiences for all staff on a regular basis.

Cost Effective Solutions Worldwide

We have a worldwide presence of knowledgeable and experienced experts who can assist with multi-location deployments.Go Engage is highly cost effective. We provide free, no-obligation assessments and quotes.

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