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Themed Go Team Trails

Go Escape programs are themed indoor or outdoor escape games combining all the interactivity and real time scoring of the Go Team app with popular Escape Room Challenges. Test your team's collaborative problem solving skills, discover hidden items, solve challenging puzzles, and unlock amazing secrets. Choose from Escape the Mob, Escape the Matrix or a CSI themed challenge.

Go Escape programs use a variety of Escape Room puzzles. If you are up with the latest Escape Room trends you'll know that means ciphers, symbol swapping alpha puzzles, searching for objects in images, riddles, pattern identification, strange smells, mysterious sounds and more! Armed with a tablet and a backpack of cool tactile escape room equipment your team will be ready to take on the challenge.

Here are some of our most popular solutions available worldwide. Go Escape team building games can be run indoors or outdoors at most locations. Get in Touch and let us know your groups size, location and outcomes and we will tailor a program to suit!

Go Team - Escape the Mob

Last night you and your friends went out on the town to celebrate a friend’s birthday. You wake up to read shocking headlines in the newspaper. On this night, a perfect heist was commited in the area. A daring robbery from the Mob bosses hideout at the back of his notrious night club in New York. Theives stole a valueable stash of diamonds. The boss, Don Collioni, is mad. He wants his diamonds back at all costs. He has put the word out that these people must be aprehended straight away.

Anyone who was at the club that night is under suspicion. You better get your story straight!! The mob are not in a good mood and the consequences are dire! The mob are looking for you now. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You have 90 minutes to get your story straight and determine the exact time you were the place. If you can work out who stole the diamonds you will certainly be let off.

In your backpack you have items from the night that will help you in your quest to Escape the Mob.

Go Team - Escape the Matrix

Red Pill? Blue Pill? Is this world real or imaginery? You have 90 minutes to decide by heading to each mystery location solving the riddles, escape game challenges and completing fun photo and video activities.

In your backpack you have items that will help you in your quest to Escape the Matrix.

Crime Solvers International

Teams need to solve a realistic crime scenario. Solving a series of escape challenges like 999 calls, crime scene videos, filmed suspect interviews, photographs, autopsy reports, transcripts, forensic evidence quiz challenges to solve the crime as they race to different destinations with the Go Team app. Communication and listening to each other is key to success as team members are taken away from their tables at certain points to receive vital information which they must relay back to their team. Realistic pressures are introduced along the way to add to the atmosphere of a real crime investigation.

In your evidence bag you have equipment and clues that will help you solve the crime.

Go Team Hangover

Your colleague has indeed chosen a strange tattoo to plaster on his face. Why? You desperately try to remember what has happened last night but can't. You know it was a special night. One of your colleagues has a tattoo in his face, one wears a handcuff which is connected to a locked briefcase and another finds a bundle of banknotes and a cryptic note in the pocket of his jacket. Were his front teeth missing yesterday, you wonder...

What the hell has happened to you and your colleagues? Try to find out more about the mysterious night before your company Christmas party and fill in the blanks in your memory.

Team Hangover is a humourous outdoor team building adventure available in any city or location. Teams of 4-6 participants equipped with a tablet are guided to different checkpoints with the Go Team app. During challenging yet fun game, teams find various hints on what has happened the night before. The game is inspired by the eponymous movie and the goal is to uncover a bizarre story and overcome a virtual blackout piece-by-piece. The teams can score points by solving creative photo challenges and other exciting riddles, associated with the topic of movies, to become the glorious winner of this thrilling team building event. On their way the teams take a lot of bizarre, funny and even crazy photos which can be used for a great slide show later in your event and create lasting shared memory.